Electrical and Instrumentation Enginnering

Engineering Design

Halden Nigeria - An integrated Oil & Gas Company

HALDEN Nigeria Ltd is highly experienced in off-shore and on-shore oil and gas electrical and instrumentatiom engineering design, construction, installation, maintenance and as-built decimentation. Our exploits inthese areas over the years has made us one of the most highly sourced indigenous contractor when it comes to quality, safety and timely delivery of the project

Halden Nigeria Ltd has a lot of experiences in the following areas:

  1. General electrical and instrumentation FEED and conceptual designs and as-built generation
  2. Rural electrification
  3. Fire and smoke detection equipment installation
  4. Hawke cable transit systems
  5. Genrator Installation
  6. Synchronization of generators
  7. Marine cable installation
  8. Lightning protection installation
  9. Low voltage switchboard installation
  10. Electrical Security / access control system installation
  11. AMF panel installation
  12. Building / wiring design
  13. Design and Installation of inverters and solar power
  14. Electric motor re-wiring and installation
  15. Intruments calibration
  16. Installation of all field instruments
  17. Tagging of field instruments
  18. Installation and troubleshooting of Robertshaw panel
  19. Installation and maintance of chemical injection systems
  20. SCADA systems repairs
  21. IT services including VSAT and networking
  22. Servicing of CAO equipments
  23. Installation and mintenance of fusible loop systems
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