Project Management

Project Management

Halden Nigeria - An integrated Oil & Gas Company

The pressure and challenges that is associated with oil industry is enormous. The ability to complete a project on timely and cost effectively is greatly of paramount importance in oil industry.
Hence efficiency and cost-reduction are the dominant factor in gaining control over tight budget. With unending legislation over the industry, this makes it impossible to achieve a balance between vital areas such as safety, quality and cost. But our project management expertise can ensure that projects are fully compliant with all international standards; and also achieved in the most cost effective manner.

Halden Nigeria Limited has over the years played a leading role in the Civil / Building Engineering and construction for Oil and GAs Companies, NNDC and many other Federal and State Govenment agencies. Halden Nigeria Limited provides Construction Services to buld and rehabilitates high ways, bridges, culverts, dams, airport facilities and many other concrete structures. Whether the clients is a Governemnt Ministry, a Town of City, a Developer, a Private Owner of another General Contractor, Halden Nigeria Limited has both expertise and depth of resources to complete their project at the highest quality.

Halden Nigeria Limited also possesses a wealth of experience and capability in its staff. With highly skilled work crews and innovative and dependable project management, supported by an extensive fleet of equipment of technology; HNL can serve their clients on projects of any scale.

HNL is a House Hold Name in the following Areas

  • Roads & Highways, Building
  • Bridges, Culverts & Concrete Pavement Structures
  • Entraceways & Parking lots
  • Curbs, Traffic Island, Sidewalks, and retaining walls e.t.c
  • Underground Sewers Drainage system
  • Dredging

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